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About The Founder

Titus Johnson

I’ve always loved music. Instead of toys, I would ask my mother for music equipment and the latest edition of Word Up! magazine. I started playing drums at five years old and it sparked my interest in learning to play other instruments. I practiced, read album liner notes and studied all the feature stories in my collection of entertainment magazines. By nineteen years old, I was playing and traveling as a professional musician. In 2005, I moved from Kansas City, MO to Los Angeles to further my music career, which included music production. After working with artists from around the world–that sparked my interest to create an entertainment platform and Put This On Replay was born.


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About The Company

PUT THIS ON REPLAY ENTERTAINMENT is your “One Stop Shop” Music Marketing and Entertainment Network where Artists, Producers and Musicians can subscribe to stay connected and get their music heard across the globe. It’s not just for artist. Your everyday music lover can subscribe, check out the playlist and discover their new favorite artist. Put This On Replay also keeps the subscriber updated with information on opportunities to help artists evolve in the Music Business. Presentation sets us apart from the rest because we care about the content presented to our audience. This platform was created with passion and love for Music! #PutThisOnReplay


Put This On Replay

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