Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Kye Colors tells no lies when he says "The attachment can make you stick around" in new song "1-800" featuring fellow Kansas City, MO hip hop artist Southside Dame. The song contains elements of old school R&B, paired with classic KCMO delivery. It's hard to player hate on this one.

The track starts off strong with a sample of "All I See" by Christopher Williams, followed by the nostalgic blends of '90s R&B met with a bass beat that makes you wanna drive slow with the windows down. Southside Dame provides the first verse, reassuring a lover that he is dedicated to her. He recounts how this love emerged from direct messages online, though the relationship is everything but casual. Dame also expresses his inner conflict: Many women catch his eye, but only this young lady makes him feel whole. The verse that reveals this, "Wish she was in my vision, still not happy I did it, thinking something's missing when I'm linking with these b*tches, 'cause...". provides a raw transition to the velvety, yet honest confession in the sampled chorus "All I see is your love-- I'm not a player, I just crush a lot..."

Kye's introduction to the track is hypnotizing. The combination of his laid back, lover-boy delivery matched with the inauguration of a conglomerate of additional synths is pure heroin. This collaboration between Kye Colors and co-producer Micah Nicole (Micah the Muse) is something we would love to hear more of. Colors's voice compliments the production of the beat in a way that calls for an instant repeat of the entire track. When Colors says "The attachment will make you stick around", the audience felt that one. His verse is filled with imagery, and a carnality that lives on the same wave length as Dame's prior raw delivery. The only plain thing about this hit is the fact that it is plainly the song of the summer.

The music video was directed by Kendu56, and shot by the likes of Shawn Riddle, Delarue Visuals and John Novello. Three words; Kansas City Affair. From the beautiful young ladies who adorn the video, to the streets they film in, this video is self sufficient-- locally supplied. In the video, there is an insert of a parodic commercial in which the artists ask the viewer if they are "lonely" and "in need of company". It was yet another example of Kye Colors tapping into his artistic expression outside of music, as he also has a short film out titled "CHILDREN OF THE GHETTO". Make sure to follow Kye Colors on his instagram in order to stay up to date with future projects.

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