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There is no denying the talent that 1TakeOchobrings through his artistry. Since deciding to take his career seriously in 2020, the growth Ocho has made the past two years through his vocals, songwriting, & overall concepts can be seen & heard as one listens from one project to the next.

Following his Ocho III DELUXE (2021), Undeniable II is the second installment of Ocho's Undeniable series that is more meaningful than the music itself as he vulnerably speaks on personal stories & tragic events that have changed the world around him forever.

"This album is dedicated to my dad. I recently lost him last year and it broke me in a way I never felt before. I’m wearing his letterman jacket (on the cover) which symbolizes that I’m always protected by him and his presence and energy will always be here with me," Ocho states. "I feel guarded and protected by my dad, my guardian angel. This is one is for you big dawg & everything from here on out!"

The cover, shot by Ifster, showcases Ocho standing in front of his dad's lowrider that was passed down to him. Another symbol of protection & a reminder to himself to continue striving towards his goals not only to make himself proud, but to make his dad proud as well.

Undeniable II contains 15 tracks with an opening intro from the West Coast's coastguard himself, DJ Hed. Reminding all who listen to continue being undeniable. The project also features Kenai, Phats, Royce the Choice, Griff Tyler, & 1TakeBoyz Jay, Quan, & Teezy.

Ocho explored new sounds within this project with production from Jonny Cash, KeezTheArtist, Jay Mllian, & more. You can stream Undeniable II on all DSP's via thelink below.

1TakeOcho is the standout melodic rapper of the Los Angeles crew known as the 1TakeBoyz. Having been surrounded by music through his peers, it was only a matter of time before Ocho explored music for himself.

Ocho truly began his music career in 2018 by releasing a handful of singles. During that time he was exploring his sound & voice, which led him to finding his niche. He began sharpening his songwriting skills through music as he reflected on real life situations; from the women he came across, to what life was like within the city.

Soon his confidence grew & he began to release projects, beginning with his "Ocho" EP which ended up turning into a 3 part series. In November of 2020, he released his debut mixtape titled "Undeniable" that holds his most popular single to date “LA Life” (featuring 1TakeJay) that has gained 1 million plays across all platforms. As he continues to pave his way through music within the city, Ocho hopes to continue collaborating with different artists to expand his reach & sound.

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