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"Overthinking... I overthink about if I will live to see tomorrow. The same people I call my brothers and sisters, can I depend on them? I overthink about the man I'm with. Is my family proud of me? Did God really put me there to do music? I could be in a room full of people and it might look like I'm having fun. Meanwhile, whole time I'm thinking about my life." - Allyn

is the introspective R&B title track from independent artist and California native, Allyn. The artist explained in an interview that overthinking is something that she knows well, reflecting over every aspect of her life. Allyn does a fine job of painting this picture not only through her lyrics and music video, but even down to the instrumentation. The track utilizes heavy minor synths and 808s in a way that makes the listener feel alone in a crowd of many, while foreshadowing danger up ahead. The initial synth bass, dark in tone, steps aside just enough for us to enter the artist's stream of consciousness. Behind the synths, the next element of the song that we are introduced to is this chorus, which sets up the scene: "When I drink too much, smoke too much... I go too hard for you". The artist then goes on to express her doubts about the truth of what her lover says. Does he honestly love her? The chorus comes back around and connects everything together. She is not having a conversation with her lover, but rather, she is pondering all of her doubts. No wonder this is the title track for Allyn's EP. In the Music Video directed by Trevor Browning, we see Allyn at a party sitting on the couch while drinking from a red solo cup. As the story progresses, we see the artist confront her significant other. This is when her thoughts and inebriation take over.She becomes more intoxicated throughout the night, the director employed very fitting visual effects that cannot be described in writing. Make sure to watch the video linked below.

Overthinking is a seven track R&B EP that would nuzzle perfectly in between Bryson Tiller and Jhene Aiko on a playlist. Each track plays on a different aspect of the things that Allyn finds herself contemplating deeply about. She sticks to a contemporary R&B sound when it comes to instrumentation, utilizing a healthy blend of bass, 808s and synths. Allyn is a promising artist with a creative mindset and an ample amount of potential. We can't wait to see what future projects that she releases.

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